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You are here because we love you & we hope to celebrate our love with you in Mexico.

We fell in love among the street flags and nightlife in Sayulita & got engaged on a hidden beach nearby. 

Since we'll be exchanging vows in a private ceremony this summer we're throwing a love fiesta to celebrate with those we love most.

We hope you'll meet us in Mexico! 

Covid Testing Information

We wanted to provide some info on what to expect regarding Covid.

Mexico is open for travel. You do not need to show a negative test to arrive in Mexico.

You will need to show a negative test to return to the US. That said, the Puerto Vallarta airport offers same day tests to make travel easy.

As of 12.17.21 -  You will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
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Welcome Drinks!

Thursday, Jan 13th

7:30 - 9:30 PM

Meet us for cocktails @ Xochi right in the heart of the plaza! We'll have an open bar set up on the top floor and would love to see you!

Address: Av. Revolución 44, Centro
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Our Love Party

Friday, Jan 14th

5:30 - 11:30 PM

We’re throwing a “Love Party” because we want to host a party for you, the people we love most & want in our lives moving forward...together. Because without each of you, our story may never have come to be. We’re grateful for both your love and ours.

So, forget the formalities & get ready for a good ol’ fashion backyard house party - amazing food & drinks, a great band (Sunset Station!) and a beautiful beach front location we know you’ll love!

Venue - Frente al Punto Beach Club
Address - C. Playa Azul 17, Norte, 63734 Sayulita, Nay.
 Golf Cart Parking - Available on-location! You'll enter through the back gate - someone will be there from the venue to greet you! 
Attire - It's a Beach Party! Clay & I will be dressed up but please, come as you are!
Weather - This location is ocean front and may be cold at night! 

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Beach Day

Saturday, Jan 15th

12:30 PM - ?

We'll be hanging out at the beach on the North Side of Sayulita near
Las Sirenas Beach Club 
We'd love for you to join us if that fits your weekend plans - Beer's on us!  


Getting to & from Sayulita

International Airport - Puerto Vallarta

The town of Sayulita is about 45 minutes North of PV Airport.

Taxis, Uber & private driver accommodations are available for transportation to Sayulita. Please note that Ubers are generally not available for return trips to the airport but taxis are readily available (and can be scheduled ahead of time). A Taxi trip one way should be about $40 USD.

We do not recommend renting a car. 
Golf carts, however, are highly recommended. 

Where to Stay

Sayulita has a lot of options when it comes to lodging. After living in town for a few months, we wanted to provide a little insight on the different areas and encourage you to find lodging that works best for YOU. You should know that everything is walkable - it's a small town!

Check out,, AirBnB or Vrbo for lots of housing options.

South Side - The South Side of town is close to both night life & more tourist beaches offering surf lessons/fishing & whale watching charters/etc. - It can be a little noisy at night.

Close to the Plaza - The main plaza and heart of the town of Sayulita has vibrant night life - if you're looking to be in the center of the party, this is your place!

Grino Hill - Just east of the Plaza and up the hill you'll find gorgeous mostly single-family or large condo options. This area is surprisingly quite given its proximity to the Plaza, however, the hill is steep so you may want to consider renting a golf cart.
North Side
- The North side of town is across the dried river bed - this area is a little sleepier & a little further from the action. Our favorite beach spots are down in this part of town.

Bars + Restaurants

Paris Delice - Incredible small french bakery for pastries & coffee - and baguettes... oh man, the baguettes!

Yah-Yah Cafe - Great cafe on the South side -  Try Clay's to-go breakfast sandwich - Azteca on an everything bagel.

North Side Cafe - A North side breakfast & lunch spot with the best Chilaquiles w/ green sauce in town... trust us, Shawn tried them all! 

Organi-k - Perfect for a smoothie/bowl or coffee.

El Itacate - Our go-to for quick Mexican. This place is famous for burritos with the shell made of fried cheese - but our favorite menu items are the breaded chicken tacos, guacamole & queso dip!

Ruben’s - Great little lunch / sandwich spot in the heart of Sayulita!

Tropical House - One of our favorite spots & a hidden gem on the North Side. Great food and a welcoming bar. Tell Tony we sent you! Also - they have a great little wine shop! 

Pizza Venezia - Next door to Tropical House - build your own pizza for 99 pesos ($5 USD). Oh, and it's BYOB!

El Jakal - Next door to Pizza Venezia - Very good seafood restaurant w/ local fresh catches offered daily - also BYOB!

Achara - Looking for something other than Mexican? Achara is a small Thai restaurant with fabulous food & cocktails. This place is always busy, so grab a reservation by messaging them on Instagram @achara_sayulita (or in person the day before!)
Attico - Our favorite late night bar w/ live music - grab a seat on the swings & soak it all in!

YamBak - Sayulita's brewery! Don't worry there's more than just beer - Cocktails and full menu available!

Tacos El Ivan & Tacos De Pastor Díaz - Late night (less than a $1 tacos)! Both locations are on the town square. Al Pastor is amazing!

Churro Man - If you happen to see the churro stand near the bridge by the entrance to the baseball field, STOP immediately and eat churros.  

Plan your Weekend!

There are lots of available activities & day excursions. We've found that most companies offer the same assortment & pricing is relatively consistent.
Deep Sea Fishing - Usually a 4-5 hour trip - All boats leave from the South beach and captains are charging for the panga & gas (the # of people is less important.) Expect to pay $350 USD for the adventure and also, expect to see whales!

Fishing Companies -

Whale Watching - January is prime whale watching season - if you haven't seen humpbacks up close and personal, we highly recommend this (or  booking a fishing trip, b/c you will see them!) Expect a 2-3 hour tour and you can book individual spots or a private boat. Expect to pay $60-$75 pp (depending on the length of tour).

La Orca -
Entourage -

Mountain Biking / Hiking
- Bikes are available to rent all over town - the jungle trails on both the North and South sides of Sayulita are beautiful on bike or foot. Guided hiking tours are also available - check out AirBnb Experiences!

Playa De Los Muertos -
Explore the Beach of the Dead by walking South along the main beach road past Si Senor Restaurant and then up the dirt road hill. You literally walk down the hill through the graveyard - Playa De Los Muertos is on your right hand side. This is also the start to a bunch of hiking/walking/biking trails :) 

Surf Board Rentals & Lessons - You can't not find surf lessons in Sayulita. There are a number of surf shops in town and also, tents set up on the beach that will rent you a board or give you a lesson.

Surf Lessons/rentals -

Marietta Islands -
One of Mexico's National Parks - take a panga boat ride over to Marietta Islands (located off of Punta de Mita) - swim into a private beach / cave and check out the cliffs. This can be a little pricy (and touristy), but we were glad we did the trip! Expect to pay $75 USD pp out of Mita or upwards of $120 pp from Sayulita.
Horse Back Riding -
Horseback ride tours generally include both time in the jungle and beach. Usually 1.5-2 hours and expect to pay $45-55 pp.

Sailing Charters - Sailboat charters are available  out of Punta Mita. Alley Cat Tours is based in Sayulita and can provide more information.

Golf Carts - There are A LOT of golf cart rental companies in town. Unfortunately, that doesn't exactly mean they are 'cheap', but they sure are fun! You can likely negotiate a better rate for more days! Expect to pay $40ish bucks a day.

Town Around -
Riviera Carts -

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We love y'all.  No gifts needed.

Clayton & Shawn
667 Casa Loma Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33435